Picture framing

We specialize in framing and provide professional advice on the selection of appropriate frames.

We encourage our clients to familiarize themselves with the frame and passe-partout templates and the price list of the framing studio. 

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1. Ado-art Sp. z o.o. apart from selling paintings, also provides framing services.

2. The company Ado-art Sp. z o.o. accepts financial responsibility for the images accepted for framing service. Ado-art undertakes to store paintings, mirrors, and framing works in appropriate conditions. If it is impossible to create safe conditions for storing the work, the client will be informed immediately.

3. The term of the contract is up to 14 calendar days. The execution time may be extended in special cases beyond the control of the Company (e.g.: delay of the supplier of the frame patten or delivery of a defective frame pattern by the supplier, preventing the contract realization on time as agreed with the client.) The customer will be immediately informed about the possibility of extending the term of the framing service.

4. Framed paintings, depending on the arrangements with the client, go to a designated point of the Ado-art Art Gallery. Gallery points do not have warehouses for storing images, therefore the image intended for collecting remains at the point of the Gallery for 7 days from the date of informing the customer about delivery to the indicated point of the Gallery. If the order is not collected in the mentioned timeframe, the Gallery sends the work to the Company’s Headquarters in Julianów at ul. Julianowska 66a, where the client can collect the order from Monday to Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

5. The value of the item sent for framing service higher than PLN 1,000 (one thousand zlotys) should be declared by the client and marked on the order form. If the client does not make an appropriate value entry, it is assumed that the value of the item does not exceed PLN 1000.

6. The Ado-art company would like to inform you that the shades of paint strips may differ from the shades and structure of the wood presented in the templates. This is because specific parts of the slat are made individually, therefore it cannot be a basis for a complaint.

7. The Ado-art Art Gallery and Framing Service cannot guarantee the reaction of the framed items to the placement in a new frame, mainly for watercolors, pastels and any work made on paper (it does not depend on the service provided, only on the quality of the paper and moisture the air in which the image was stored.)

8. All framings are made to the individual order, in accordance with the dimensions that are given by the customer, therefore the orders are not refundable or exchangeable.

9. Complaints are handled in the Picture Frame Gallery and Workshop in Julianów – the headquarters of Ado-art Sp. z o.o. within 7 working days.