About Ado-Art Gallery

The Ado-Art Gallery holds in its offer paintings, graphics, photography, and sculpture.

Our gallery offers works by outstanding Polish and foreign artists, who enjoy the recognition of collectors. We hold in our collection also works by young artists whose talent and imagination caught our attention.

The works presented for sale can be viewed every day in the departments of the Gallery in:

 Sadyba Best Mall



 Ken Center Art Island

 King Cross Prague Art Island

and during numerous exhibitions and art shows organized by the Ado-art Gallery.

The collection of the Gallery includes among others works by Edward Dwurnik, Tomasz Sętowski, Rafał Olbiński, Iwona Stypułkowska, Stanisław Imieniński, Stanisław Przewłocki, Joanna Szumska, Piotr Olbrychowski, Robert Lisowski.

Ado-Art Gallery provides consultancy in the field of creating a painting collection, as well as space decorator and appropriate selection of painting works for the interior. Another specialty of Ado-Art Gallery is framing. Ado-Art Gallery provides professional advice on the selection